One of the frequently asked questions in my cooking class is what is the best way to cook rice?

And my answer is don’t try to figure out how to cook rice on a stove. Get a rice cooker. This is probably the best investment that you would make in a kitchen appliance.

And then of course the next question is that, what rice cooker would I recommend?

Honest truth, I have not bought a rice cooker for over 20 years as I have been using the same one. And so, I started to do some research on rice cooker in order to make a recommendation to my students. It turn out that there are many makes and models to choose from.

I remember when the rice cooker first hit the market. It was considered to be revolutionary and it takes out all the guess work in cooking rice.

Every family has a rice cooker and most people use it every single night. Cooking rice in a saucepan on the stove can be tricky. Water often boil over the saucepan during cooking and 90% of the time the rice burn to the bottom of the saucepan when cooked on the stove.

I went and bought a least expensive rice cooker made by a company known as Aroma. This rice cooker is one of the smallest rice cooker on the market. It cooks two cups of uncooked rice to make six cups of cooked rice. It is a very simple rice cooker.

It comes with a gas lit and a removable Teflon coated pan that you can put the rice in. It also comes with a measuring cup to measure the rice as well as a rice spatula. It is entirely automatic with a push button to start the rice cooking. It also has a warming mode. When the rice is done, it will keep the rice warm.

I test the rice cooker by cooking up two cup of rice in two cups of water. All I do is that I press the button and I start cooking. I start a stopwatch to test how long it takes to cook the rice, and it takes 20 minutes for the rice to cook, and it’s about average for most rice cookers.

The rice turns out perfect. Nice and fluffy, not too dry or too wet. Also, the rice do not stick to the bottom of the pan.

This little rice cooker make cooking rice foolproof, and it’s worth every penny. For one or two people, and if you want something simple and straightforward, I would definitely recommend this rice cooker. It will give you enough for a meal and some extra for leftover as well. However, you may also want to consider a bigger rice cooker. Rice store very well in the refrigerator and warm up wonderful in the microwave, and also left over rice is great for fried rice.

Some of the more expensive rice cookers also have other functions, such as, cooking different kinds of rice as well as steaming. Whatever you choose, you will find a rice cooker is essential for home cooking in your kitchen.